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Martha Trump September 2, 2018 Diego Martín Velázquez Caballero...

Martha Trump
September 2, 2018

Diego Martín Velázquez Caballero

The way in which digital messages ex-candidate PAN Martha Ericka Alonso has been unfortunate. The permanent form of aggression and evasion that contain their ideas, shows an authoritarian and classist personality. Beyond marketing, its way of dealing with sensitive issues in the region has little tact and humanity. It is obvious that he intends a style similar to that of the American president.
The lynching in Puebla, over the last few years, is the direct responsibility of the Morenovallismo. The neoavilacamachista clique that agreed with the ultra-right of Puebla the alternation in 2010, has been dedicated to dismantling and destroying the political institutions and municipalities of the entity. Gentrification, plundering, dispossession, fraud, extortion, neoextractivism and looting, have been the guidelines of the PAN governments in Puebla and, therefore, the morenovallismo far surpassed the marinismo.
In 2003, when Vicente Fox promoted the recognition of Mexican emigrants in the United States of America, the town of San Vicente Boquerón was placed as a model of self-government and solidarity thanks to its emigrants. The Club "Grupo Unión" (Esquivel, 2003) has promoted all the things that governments -in their three levels- have forgotten and failed to do. The natives of this community that moved to North America have subsidized drains, ambulances, schools, musical bands, patron saints, hospitals, collective transport, road infrastructure, etc. There are the works of some serious migrantologists (Gustavo López Ángel and Liliana Rivera) who can account for the enormous social capital that has developed in this community and in other localities, auxiliary boards, ranches and colonies that only have migrants to survive . Other studies were even designed, from there, to structure the 3x1 federal policy. Later, Foxism itself tried to hurt this community through a neoextractivist project of which they defended themselves heroically and ended up, finally, abandoning them. And, still, the aristocratic panismo dares to say that the City Council of Acatlán de Osorio is surpassed? In the Mixteca Poblana there is no government, it is a huge Comala where the Morenovallismo agreed with Pedro Páramo.
Ignorance of state government and panism is unbearable because it is not ignorance; It is cynicism. The issue of the approval of municipal public accounts by the local legislature delineates this point. A former PAN municipal president who dragged administrative processes of financial responsibility a little over a decade ago, was visited to conculcarlo to propose a party in his town party to fragment the vote and support Martha Ericka, to do so, they guaranteed the approval of their accounts public ... .., and they complied. One case, more than regrettable, is another Mixteco president who could not verify - because it does not exist - a sports unit for several million pesos that was managed by the Ministry of Finance. The same process The same procedure.
Who is responsible then?
It is not worth criminalizing these communities because they are poor, because they are migrant communities that have been abandoned historically. Does Martha Ericka remember the treatment she gave to the migrants who rebuked her on the issue of 43 of Ayotzinapa? If the public resources were distributed equitably, if the administrative circuits and the head offices were taken into account, they would be more equal with the other communities of the municipality. If the government were managed with less patrimonialism. There is no doubt, the reality would be different.
Lynchings in Puebla have become widespread in urban and rural areas. They are evidence of government neglect and corruption. Whichever way you look at it, the Morenovallismo impoverished and violated the whole society to promote its modernizing megaprojects. The "development" of Puebla is the facade to promote a political ambition at whatever cost. And the situation in Puebla will worsen now that the national ultra-right wants to take shelter under the command of its new glorious general.
It is annoying, too, the silence of academics and researchers who know these regions of the Mixteca Poblana. We have received water, food, shelter, support and valuable information to develop research that nobody reads, but that serve for academic tourism and financing. The least that can be said is that the criminalization of San Vicente Boquerón is unfair and takes a turn to divert the criticism of those who are truly responsible. The individuals who visited the area after the tremors of September 2017 were able to verify the absolute orphanhood in which these towns are located. It is not justifiable that extreme deprivation provokes lynchings; but, the abandonment and governmental manipulation of panism, in these years, is unbearable.
Lynchings occur in contexts where deprivation and government neglect. What part of Puebla is not like that? The indicators of the IDD in all the PAN governments for our entity, equated the state with Michoacán and Guerrero. It was only a matter of time before conflicts arose. Puebla is one of the main expellers of migrants to North America, now, it is also one of the main affected by the immigration policy of Barack Obama and Donald Trump. What has the state government done? Frauds, only fraud.
The treatment of the migrant community of San Vicente Boquerón is not responsible. Hell has a name and surname. The money spent in local and national media to show the villagers, should be used to reduce poverty. Discrimination against these people; however, it is not exclusive only to politicians like Martha Ericka. It is also worth noting the conflict between Ricardo Monreal and Andrés Bermudez Viramontes-the King of Tomato-in Zacatecas. According to the researcher Miguel Moctezuma, the successful migrant insisted that, only when they were ill with cancer, would the evil of the members of the Mexican political class decrease. Bermudez is dead and Zacatecas, like Puebla, keeps going bad.
Mexican migrants must learn from Cuban migrants in North America. Just as the latter ask the US government to demand significant democratic changes in the Cuban regime to lessen the pressure of the inhuman economic blockade, then, Mexican emigrants should press to be taken into account by the United States, for example, to negotiate the Free Trade Agreement. and demand greater reciprocity from Mexican politicians in the communities of origin such as San Vicente Boquerón. Mexico has been unfair to its emigrants in the United States; but Puebla, it has been the worst. The fight against discrimination must be there and here. The tweet of Martha Ericka and the ideas of the morenovallismo on the popular groups and the migrant communities must be a warning on the reasons to avoid that it assume some public function.
In Puebla there is a perverse strategy of government terrorism to criminalize poverty and justify hard-line government. If the morenovallismo survives and seizes the PAN, this diazordacista mentality will be transformed into the rhetoric of the new right. This can not continue if the country wants a Fourth Transformation.
Migrants in struggle. J. Jesus Esquivel. Magazine Process N. 1400. August 31, 2003. Page 28-30

Local Patrimonialism August 27, 2018 Diego Martín Velázquez Caballero

Local Patrimonialism
August 27, 2018
Diego Martín Velázquez Caballero


Puebla has been one of the entities most hurt by government corruption in recent years. Even when the problems in the state and municipal administration have been made known, the last periods have promoted patrimonialism to extraordinary levels. The damage to the common good of the poblanos will extend for several generations and, every day, it seems irreparable. The social pathologies in Puebla are reaching historical levels. Like a virus they will spread everywhere and nobody can say they are invulnerable. The equivalence with Veracruz, Michoacán and Guerrero is a thing of the past, the local oligarchy wants - in these criminalistic indicators - to approach Tamaulipas, Sinaloa or Chihuahua.
The Puebla entity was placed at the level of the worst governments according to the social, political and economic indicators of various study institutions. The political alternation was an authoritarian regression to the cacique model that kidnaps the public administration for personal benefit. The debate that indicated in the six years of the PAN severe questions to the public debt, transparency, concessions and government programs, leaves no room for doubt when observing the behavior of the local legislative power. The approval of public accounts in various entities, especially municipal, institutionalized discretion and authoritarianism as a way of life in our state.
The most shameful case was that of the municipalities. Presidents who had committed real looting of their communities and to whom the Audit Body - now Superior Audit of the State - investigated by means of two technical files that indicated their administrative responsibility, were acquitted by decree. Overnight - literally - their public accounts were approved, the "municipaladas" were ignored. Characters who were removed from processes of verification and accountability were called to form candidacies by all political parties as long as they supported the neo-vilacamacism; Even the independent way was invited to fragment the vote and avoid an opposition coalition that put at risk the official candidacy for the state government.
The route of electoral fraud is parallel to the route of administrative fraud. Caciques, businessmen, political parties, clerics, independents, academics and other entities subject to public responsibility, were cajoled with the maximist Mephistopheleic "divide and conquer". The National Regeneration Movement was also and is being infiltrated with this strategy that will end up empowering Morenovallismo. The neoavilacamachismo was replicated holographically in the 217 municipalities and other entities subject to accountability, at a very high power.
The State Audit and Inspection Bodies are institutions destined to fail as long as there is no division of powers and local legislators blindly approve public accounts without a little awareness of the damage they cause to society. What is the meaning of the technical effort and the constant audit? What model, then, of transparency and accountability?
The municipality is a reserve of civility and democracy. In Puebla they have received the greatest patrimonial damage in their history. Same as public and decentralized agencies. Outgoing local legislators will be responsible for the abandonment and decomposition of the social fabric. The lack of public works, the correct distribution of income, the deception of social programs and patrimonialism, will trigger the conflict.

Bartlett: the CIA and the Intermarium August 20, 2018 Diego Martín Velázquez Caballero

Bartlett: the CIA and the Intermarium
August 20, 2018
Diego Martín Velázquez Caballero


What is hidden in the historical trajectory of the anti-communist struggle in Latin America? While it is true that Manuel Bartlett's past is as it is, the remarks about the inclusion of this character in the next government of the republic move to reflect on the use and fear of geopolitical strategies for groups that benefited from the context of the cold war and they do not want to lose their privileges. In the absence of intelligence, but above all of legitimacy, the Mexican right insists on maintaining the fallacy and conspiratorial astuteness as the only strategy to achieve power.

Bartlett is a passive asset of Mexican and American security groups. Maybe that's why the right fears him so much. Maybe that's why the US government will never act against him as Rafael Loret de Mola supposed. The events in which this character played were always guided by the fascist consensus that linked the Holy See and the United States of America against the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. One of its edges is called Intermarium.

During the second half of the 20th century, the fear of the communist Masonic Jewish conspiracy caused the Americans to grant the Nazis, intransigent integral Catholics, businessmen and conservatives; infiltrate all Latin American corners. The actions to maintain Latin America within the "free world" were diverse. From the promotion of academic programs of political science, liberal press, Catholic universities, to the formation of white guards, control of public administration, formation of a business class, infiltration of national security and, lately, the governance of the organized crime.

Revolutionary nationalism in Mexico constituted a myth, an approach impracticable by the geopolitical context after the Second World War. The patriotic fraud was called Intermarium and it served so that the different rights were succeeded in the political and economic power. The Mexican right can not pretend surprised by the behavior of the "men of the system", with whom they coexisted and instructed. The fear of Manuel Bartlett is nothing other than the fear of a set of actions that they created and developed in a common way. They can not exonerate themselves, historically they are more responsible.

The neoliberal globalization constituted a reactivation of the common interests between the Latin American and Anglo-Saxon rights; however, at the time of the balance, North America maintains losses and errors like those of the USSR in relation to its political satellites. The United States has suffered a total erosion due to the lack of correspondence and autonomy of the other emerging liberal and capitalist nations. The signals of Donald Trump to the political and business class of Mexico are more than certain, that is why the North American geopolitics is changing and emancipating itself from fascist consensuses such as the Intermarium. Mexico did not become the average liberal power that is adequately related socially and economically with the neighbor to the north, as promised by the right when it was assimilated to the anticommunist strategies of the CIA and the Intermarium. Raymundo RivaPalacio wonders if it had not been more successful, in this strategy, that Manuel Bartlett had been president of Mexico instead of Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

The Cold War ended and Russia is closer to a government of the Black Century than Bolshevik. Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agree on interests to protect their respective nations. In the case of the United States, a cleansing of the intelligence apparatus is generated, as well as a disconnection of the "freeloaders" who took advantage, to the excess, of a fear of Russia that was always false. The crusade against corruption in Mexico must go through a similar strategy: emancipate many areas of the country that the right dominates, for example, higher education.

Donald Trump builds policies against Mexican immigrants in North America to retaliate for the abuses that powerful and corrupt Mexicans commit; however, in the situation of characters like Manuel Bartlett, the US government and the new Mexican regime must pay attention. The Mexican right only knows how to create demented myths that contribute nothing to the development of a country, its leaders are conspiracy experts where the abusive, racist, clerical and gachupines of always exist. Mexico's new government will not rebuild relations with the United States as long as the corporate sector refuses to pay its historical responsibility. Mexican corruption is deeply rooted in private initiative, men like Manuel Bartlett know it and that explains the deep fear that they have

E-Book. Hombre del Sistema. Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios y la Secretaría de Gobernación

E-Book. Hombre del Sistema. Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios y la Secretaría de Gobernación

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