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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mexico: between Calles, Cardenas and Salvador Allende

Mexico: between Calles, Cardenas and Salvador Allende
By Diego Velázquez

A few days ago there was talk of a clash of national projects in our country. Multiculturalism that distinguishes Mexico is not the only condition for more responsible government officials assert, to folly, there is only one Mexico. Structural, regional reality, language and racial, tells us that there are many nations and suddenly oppose each other. The Mexico of the North, Center and South, for example, are just the first signs of a conflict that appears constant and evidence that the nation is just a pipe dream.

With political and economic projects it happens something similar. For the factions and cliques there is a different Mexico. A few days ago, following the article "The Two Mexicos" which was published in the American newspaper The Economist, an analyst stated that such differentiation evident in the country's fight between Mexico Cardenas and Miguel Aleman. The first signficaba as the country's social project, and reconciling the corporatist structures of town and country; but also responsible for the underdevelopment of paternalism. The Aleman warned as the modernizer, the developer, civilization and university, in short, the history of neoliberal and technocratic project. If the country aspires to modernity and development, then, it is necessary to choose the political project of the alemanista descent in the State.

The issue is more complicated. These models are not completely distinguish the only policy options. There, in each, features that should be mentioned to observe in more detail the proposal. The Cardenas Mexico is also the sacred presidentialism and Mexico Aleman is legitimizing corruption as lifestyle of the political class.

If you do it contrasts in national projects, it is necessary to draw a comparison between projects that marked one of the most significant breaks: Plutarco Elias Calles and Lazaro Cardenas. Both projects are modernizing and configure the Mexican presidency radically. However, while the administration pedicure can see a project that promoted a radical political nationalism and state supremacy at any cost. The Cardenas model, based on a corporatist and social policy, cohered the country by setting up a match delayed hegemonic mass democracy and political participation of the middle classes.

The General Plutarco Elias Calles tried to enforce the Mexican constitution without qualms and, indeed, had to pay very high application of certain legal provisions. So high was the price of the project had to yield to US interventionism and abandoning the idea of ​​a secular, industrialized and semiagrícola Mexico. Maximato configuration Streets rise to the figure of the autocrat, and one of the internal factions of his group would set a different political project that decided to make a legitimating structure of paternalism in the future of the Mexican political system.

In the end, it should be considered Calles and Cardenas are the characters that represent the poles of the most serious options of regime that keeps our society towards modernization: order and paternalism. Of course, both in the authoritarian axis.

The callismo and cardenismo, inserted in the Official Party over time as the pendulum of succession and interaction, incorporated a growth path which rose to the poor and the quality of caste citizens. The dominant party would dress liberal, nationalist, conservative, populist neoliberal and perhaps to PAN. It was the chameleon of political ideologies. Revolutionary nationalism democracy inhibited several decades; however, it isolated the country from the catastrophic effects of the market, institutional design and political confrontation of the many Mexicos.

The moment of economic openness showed how the model was exhausted. Political liberalization has put the country on the path of the risks of Latin American presidentialism, to say Juan Linz, and the political class does not seem to understand the risks of democratic chaos.

Plutarco Elias Calles set his government based on the submission of party factions and supporters of the extermination of political dissent. He ruled with military force and when the Cristero rebels almost defeated, only outside support its institutions remained standing. It was this kind of gravities that allowed build the National Revolutionary Party. Gen. Lazaro Cardenas came to power riding on the structure of the newly created official match; however, his political break led him to govern with decrees and exceptional mechanisms to set up a regime that would safeguard the order of the country at the expense even of State institutions. Military violence, political decrees, populism and electoral fraud built roads authoritarian governance in Mexico's PRI.

And things do not seem to have changed much after the alternation of the Presidency of the Republic. In fact, in a kind of eternal return, it seems that the country is heading, again, the prospect of a Calles or attempting to make government Cardenas. The point is that democracy has taken root in Mexican society and the international context observed unpunished violence that has come to conduct the state.

Pragmatic alliance multiparty requested in the context of the presidential succession Mexico placed in the path of Salvador Allende and Francisco I. Madero, rather than on the historical experiences of Plutarco Elias Calles and Lazaro Cardenas. Not the same control dozens of deputies and mayors, locally, to bear the increased capacity for influence and blackmail acquire small parties and pragmatic factions nationwide. An example of the failure of this model for the governance of the country is the Pact for Mexico.

Political processes have just experienced some Latin American nations like Guatemala and Argentina demonstrate the weakness of electoral coalitions in government. The newly elected President Jimmy Morales will have less than twenty deputies in Congress and there is little hope that other partisan allies maintain their support. Salvador Allende and Francisco I. Madero arrived driven by a plurality of parties that abandoned the principle of disagreements. Presidentialism in a democratic and highly fragmented partisan context becomes inoperative, conflict and failed, to say Juan Linz.

The model of pragmatic alliances put into a situation of ungovernability severe  the mexican presidentialism, as that been felt since divided governments were inaugurated. The spacious and large coalitions of parties are not enough structures to withstand the crisis and problems that occur in a presidential system of emerging democracy and an unequal social structure.

Mexico's social problems accrue pressure on the presidential institution and, if not addressed, will continue in the attempted extra-settlement mechanisms of government paralysis. The Army no longer has the ability to stronger US violence and not send another Dwight Morrow. The complicated scenarios painted Juan Linz and the dangers of presidentialism increasingly they seem to make sense. Maximum use of state capacity to maintain governance and party control, was exceedingly weaken the presidency of the republic. As it has been the case since the previous presidential administration: Felipe Calderon wanted to emulate Plutarco Elias Calles and institutional attrition was impressive. Enrique Peña Nieto wants to retrain Miguel German but in reality, this project never existed.

Political reform in Mexico must generate collaborative arrangements between parties and branches of government. The panorama of the Mexican presidency has been complicated and pragmatic alliances polipartidistas contribute to the problem. Urge raise the appointment of a Head of Government and the likely removal thereof, the dissolution of the Federal Congress and a new system of proportional representation in most districts.

Consider that model of pragmatic alliance can support a President forced to imagine a style of government like Maximino Avila Camacho, Alvaro Obregon, Porfirio Diaz and perhaps Francisco Franco.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

The urgente reform of Article 115 of the Constitution

The urgent reform of Article 115 of the Constitution
By Diego Velazquez

The government of Carlos Salinas de Gortari try to build a participatory local government to legitimize the end of the welfare state in Mexico. During his presidency there was a redesign of the public administration and social policy based on municipalities. Salinas, like Lazaro Cardenas, down the executive cenacle level to playing field and accompany their neoliberal populist leadership from regional bases.
His doctoral thesis, inspired by the political and economic utilitarianism, stated that the direct financing of the municipalities allow the development of citizenship and democracy, as well as growth. The National Solidarity Program was thus the most rational public policy coherence built until then.
In the distance, one can see that the effects of multiple supports local governments have been a real tragedy. Administrative decentralization spread to the municipalities, communities and municipalities. The capital has been becoming fragmented municipal telenovela (Mauricio Merino) in a real drama. Thousands of Iguala and Ajalpan are governed by"Vargas" style enhanced with public resources. The Mexican daily disproves the hypothesis of Carlos Salinas, the City is the largest institution failed, seized the chieftainship, inefficiency and corruption. In rural areas especially, there are no citizens, no Democrats, no development; new circumstances have multiplied vassals, courtiers and poor.
A contradiction of what I thought the main representative of technocracy in Mexico, the municipal government extended the decomposition seeking combat, that is, has served as an economic platform and positioning the powers to attach to the Mexican State. Almost no mayor has responded by property damage to the observations of the supervisory bodies, What good is knowing the economic data workimg with effort and accounting care if it's a matter of minutes for the legislative factions and state governments made the conspiracy blind from the same?
Ajalpan matches and are the product of a dystopian Federalism making the municipality a decentralized entity, allied and subject to partisan politics of the belly. In the past, the informal rules of the hegemonic party capital and imposed a fragile stability not exterminated Dona Barbara and Pedro Paramo but limited; now they found everywhere and with multiple financial support to continue their political careers. The City is the preferred site as a springboard and transformismo.
Guerrero and Puebla are examples of feuderalismo causing ungovernability. Iguala and Ajalpan have a structural similarity that can be extended to most of the municipalities in both entities, mayors and state government allies separated from their communities, councilors meanings as administrative managers, corrupt and inefficient bureaucracies and municipalities abandoned the criterion of powers. Wild anomie has developed a fatal form; until now it becomes undeniable. Both states are the lowest in the Democratic Development Index 2014 of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.
German Perez Fernandez del Castillo and Enrique Cabrero Mendoza have insisted throughout his academic work on the modernization adequate capital and institutional speed. Promote policies that generate discomfort following a physical impulse; ie returned. Social movements, drug trafficking, lynchings, civil disobedience, etc., are due to action of absolutely incompetent and corrupt political class. The government of Guerrero is the clearest example and Puebla is dangerously close to the same category.
It is necessary to reconsider the municipal legal framework, adapted to a divergent reality of social and ethnic groups, boosting public and private centers Municipal Studies, attend local councils trained personnel and strictly observe bureaucratic public finances. The neglect of economic resources in the municipalities is the main device that strengthens chiefdoms. There are municipalities that have been deprived of family heritage for decades and state governments not only traded with the same, but, lately, the other political levels encyst increasing ungovernability. Will Pansters is not wrong to say that the real dinosaur Mexico is the Cacique; not the PRI. The Cacique has survived the transition to democracy, wears a tie, iphones, helicopters, attends Harvard University, even accredits academic programs and has a high command of English; but he, or she, will never be modern.
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

A turkey (Guajolota) that fell from the tree

By Diego Velázquez Rescoldos column. October 6, 2015
A turkey (Guajolota) that fell from the tree

During the nineties of the last century, one of the leading critics of accelerated modernization Mexican was Colombian President Cesar Gaviria. When approaching the texts and ideas of South American political, it could come to consider that there was someone else happy with the Aztec misfortune. A vague memory of that time refers to the metaphor of Guajolota employing Gaviria to question the condition of the country. The example shows the difficulty that this endemic species of our region to sleep in trees or branches. Generally, when is too fattening turkeys fall from the trees if they try to climb them; although your instinct and go up above the chickens to reach somewhere in the woods, always they subside. Being a bird of greater weight and size, complete stumbling and falling, turning the scandal of the other flying and having to sleep under them in the appropriate circumstances. This happened to Mexico with the neoliberal march say César Gaviria; in the end, the Mexican Guajolota ended on the floor being mockery and crapper Latin American chickens.

The conflict that has occurred in Volkswagen can serve for comparison of Puebla with Neoliberal Guajolota. The crisis of the German automaker significantly harm the local economy in a time that seems long. Since the company was set up in the state, accompanying pains and pleasures became common. Thousands of workers, over the years, hand made family life and strength to deliver growth and brand development as well as the state. The correspondence was little; but there. The company came to Puebla brought ordoliberalism ideas and austerity that allowed Konrad Adenauer boost postwar West Germany. The lure of Mexican modernization did forget these principles and the perspective of the quality-competition began generating exploitation, abuse, conspiracy and capitalism by dispossession which characterizes the project of the local political class. Volkswagen confused rules with flexible labor market flexibility. The fact that most of Puebla governments have allowed and legitimized their abuse does not imply equivalence in the first world. Volkswagen will also came up with the turkeys: their processed products so underdeveloped not be admitted in post-industrial societies.

Salinas's time to date, no Mexican government raised any complaint against the flood of junk cars coming from the US market. Millions of trucks, cars, etc., were legalized regardless of their levels of pollution, risk and property. It was an export to the United States benefited and harmed the trading of the domestic auto industry. The act continues and Mexico remains the dustbin of Americans. But what America does with foreign countries do not consent to their own territory. Hopefully the lesson to stop confusing collaboration with appeasement is learned.

Puebla could become a city full of automotive unemployment like Detroit (USA) and nobody does anything sensible. The project of the "cell" that the previous state government made it, was criticized too much; however, it is not about to happen the same with "Audi City"? The model city due to accelerated modernization and irresponsible, without having persecuted, is about to pay his arrogance. In the San José Chiapa, and Grajales Nopalucan one overwhelming project that eliminated municipal institutions, collective actors, capital, natural resources, etc. are implemented All events in the best German tradition often called "Holocaust."

The Audi project has benefited little that region and Puebla. The recent international externality comes to confirm. Arguably the opposite of Tlaxcala; state where they think they have not had a better governor and who now lives in the hills of Loreto and Guadalupe. Tlaxcala has seen buoyant growth in its economy after hundreds of Puebla emplacar have come here for their cars, licensing procedures and make government impossible. Particularly outstanding was the case of Huamantla, the true City Audi because from the beginning of the construction of the assembly plant and highway infrastructure, does not cease to receive most of the agents involved in the process since the corresponding region San Jose Chiapa, Nopalucan, Grajales and Eastern lacks the necessary framework for projects of this magnitude. Puebla schizophrenic currency, betting the whole development to the construction of an automotive assembler and almost lose by anti-self that have been promoted policies dramatically. Puebla's government has made a fool of pollution caused attacking cars and seeing the possibility of cancellation in one of its main public policies for the same reason.

What to do to ensure that projects have the desired success? How to avoid the paradigm of local modernization Guajolota? Arturo Rueda considered Puebla, as those indigenous insurgents 1994, did not understand the modernization of state government. For him, Rafael Moreno Valle and Carlos Salinas de Gortari shared a fate: the modernization frustrated as a result of a backward society. Samuel Ramos, however, states that one of the main problems of Mexican identity was the inability to adjust means and ends; so widely it highlighted in our political class and the paradigm of Guajolota. César Gaviria drove in his country moderate neoliberalism. Always points to the importance of recognizing the subjectivity of Latin America, a continent that needs before any hysterical materialism, social justice, democracy, equality, freedom and human rights. The Colombian constitution of 1991 is such a historic project which was the Mexican constitution of 1917. The difference is that our country abandoned aspiration and essential responsibility. Mexican modernity became fickle, arrogant, frivolous and, therefore, small and fragile.

The solution paradigm Guajolota or call it "ratonazo", "and merit", "cruzazulismo", "salting" etc .; It is nothing but responsibility. The ordoliberalism and austerity should be the government guidelines. And yet the specter of populism, it is necessary for governments to govern and, if possible, to govern the country. Extradite "ipso facto" a dozen drug dealers, buy a dozen departures Audi vehicles are bad for a game that has complicated; but ridicule have to get to govern.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

¿Mexicans, at the cry of war or Mexicans, you will cry so much?

¿Mexicans, at the cry of war or Mexicans, you will cry so much?

By Jimmy Knigth nickname Rich Chicken

I wonder if the descent of Don Aurelio Nuño, Secretary of Public Education in Mexico, is Catalan. Its draft policy to make our country a bilingual society Salvador Sostres reminded me: "(...) is very tacky speak Spanish, I just spoke with the maid and some employees. It is poor and tacky, illiteracy and low level people speak a language that does such awful to deliver the jot noise". I was also surprised his ignorance, although it is common for fans who are unable to name three books.

Mexico is multicultural and multilingual. The holocaust is causing indigenous nations of our country is due to the structural reforms triggered by the extreme right that leads public administration precisely where education plays a central role. We will have to removing the statue of Jose Azueta in the Heroic Veracruz and rename the Navy now it is so infiltrated by the United States: US Navy Seals-Aztec.

What is the importance of learning the English language if we are a culture so different that prominent American academics equate Islam? Arabian heritage of Castilla came together with the Indian spirit, and others, to become what we are. Samuel Huntington and George Friedman called us schizophrenic, subcivilizados, narcoterrorist, Torn Countries. Hence they warn about the danger of the neighborhood, the invasion and even war. What is the meaning for Mexicans speak English if Donald Trump wins the US presidency and finish building the border fence, whether WASP want nothing to Mexico?

Modernity and neoliberalism via Anglo are impossible. Huntington has shown in his writings that are anti-Western civilizations and antianglos who manage to raise its growth and strength: China, Russia and Iran. Latin America (Hispanic Land) is the best example in those non-Western societies where cultural assimilation is tested metastases, it characterized modernity frustrated only by fashion, sodas, burgers and music is generated. The southern United States has been the largest recipient of Latin American immigration space, California and Texas are the representative areas of a region where there is little need to speak English to develop economically. Thousands of hispan, despite the WASP xenophobia, work every day and are fundamental to improving their communities of origin and receiving. Mexico has a great debt to them and make public policies are needed to defend and not to change the Latin American culture. Transculturation there, but that's by language or changing values.

Probably the SEP (Education Minister) is considering new educational texts: America for Dummies or Ask a Yankee. But I do not think so sympathy of people like Donald Trump and the Tea Party will win. We are as we are and both modernity and neoliberalism should be our way. That is the challenge, give the future at our circumstances. Globalization is multicultural and sense of belonging is not up for discussion.

Handsome are useless Mexicans, says Martha Ericka Alonso Moreno Valley (which will be chosen it then?), And that's what happens with Golden Boys of Henry Rock. Every day surpass category Mirreyes that Ricardo Raphael charged and them are shows the Faculty Club or Yuppie Way who will study abroad but does not stop being accepted or being. Sooner or later ends up Selena Gomez and Selena Quintanilla, feel needs to be addressed and to insert identity in a pluralistic globalization.

Jose Fuentes Mares and Daniel Cosio Villegas complained of profound ignorance that Mexico has in North America. Americanólogos are needed, we must speak English but also think and speak American to generate bilateral relations and benefit ultimately our country. It is not modern to go to Harvard or Oxford, tie and dress Bostonians, use digital devices and speak English. There are several Mexican governors and Latin American presidents who are all that and behave like satraps or ISIS members of Al Qaeda; revealing his Arab lineage safely. Modernity implies a reconciliation between being of people and the time of progress, that's what not understand Huntington or Trump, neither Obama or the WASP.

Can he serve the English language to compete in the international arena and discover our membership or only Mexico aims to make a clone of the Philippines and Puerto Rico now that the Gringo´s Money are with Cuba? The American pro-establishment never accept Mexico; despite everything he did Michael Jackson was never WASP.

Other illustrious graduate of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Lic. Vicente Fox Quezada, promoted a rapprochement with America that ended in failure. The experience should serve to understand what American thinking and, of course, give more value to Mexican migrants in the formulation of public policies. It is true that education plays a fundamental role to modernize; however, the experience of countries such as Poland, Hungary, Russia and the Democratic Republic of Germany, was not teaching English the way. We must have a true scientific policy, search and avoid brain drain. Give value to the local practical sense, understand the uniqueness of identity, developing the technologies and include the criterion of peasant and indigenous communities is what the path of Mexican modernity will have to do. However, Oaxaca and Chiapas contribute more to globalization than the frivolous aspiracionismo right.

While no one Native Son rule in our country, making our mistakes remain actually a tragicomedy. There is no single path to modernity and RE-KNOW the country becomes an obligation to develop it successfully. The betrayal of the Mexican right only slows an identity that, despite them, is and will continue earning its place in globalization.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And where is El Yunque?

And where is El Yunque?
By Diego Velázquez Martín Caballero

It has been left to run the idea that, within the PAN, the coalition that forms the morenovallismo has decided to remove the interest of the Mexican far right and the maderismo. In fact, however, this situation shows a simulation and strategy that must be reported to rehabilitate politics not only within the country but the PAN.

The aberrant adoption of the state law, which prohibits almost independent electoral participation by the PAN parliamentary group in Puebla, was based on the argument that says: Behind the movements and independent candidates is El Yunque! Nothing is more false and misleading. Those who disagree with the policies morenovallistas are worthy characters from all social classes, ideological orientations, Puebla regions, races and genders; because all of them have confronted the state executive power. El Yunque -in his Morelos, Guanajuato and Puebla version is next, in front of and behind the PAN fraction morenovallista if anyone wants to find out. And, of course, with the head of the national executive.

Mexican far right is an elitist and generational realignment. A traditional groups must now add the renewal painting Opus Dei, the Legionaries of Christ, Schoenstatt Movement, House on the Rock and other followers organizations prosperity theology openly confronted with the Vatican that leads Mario Bergoglio. Christian neogerencialismo companies represented in the scandal until passing from Atlacomulco Cantabria. This is the Consortium which meant Javier Corral.

The Puebla governor opted for the succession of Enrique Peña Nieto on the same lane, only the route is already occupied and exercised extreme authoritarianism in Puebla warns the cliff. The unfolding struggle to reject the democratic involution is not representative of Yunque but of society as a whole and desoírlo shows ignominy. National Action Puebla has melted before the power, it took less than two PAN presidential administrations in the debacle also unsigned. Carlos Arriola was not mistaken, the PAN is a political disabled.

Puebla and the country is becoming PRI. Priistas within PRI are better than priistas within other political parties. Something fundamental must be stressed after the investigation of Virgilio Andrade: They are corrupt; no assholes. And that golden rule, has regained force in the late ruling party and the presidency, is the Mexican positive law that explains the cabinet castling a tropicalized version of the Chinese model says Carlos Elizondo. Family Revolutionary is taking shape and it is likely that the peaceful mix of features to enable them to stay in power. The bet by Jose Antonio Meade left without resources to other politicians. The charisma that has won over the last decade make it the ideal successor. His catholic membership and  international financial leadership just need to add popular legitimacy and therefore the test in SEDESOL. Not all who pass by have good end; nevertheless it is a great springboard and the possibility remains.

Juan Sabines was able to make Chiapas one of the most advanced states in regional development, human rights, development and social policy. The support of international organizations, the federal government and the private sector entity promised to make the model of the Millennium Development Goals. The resounding failure was due to the personality of the character. In the end only won economic group Ricardo Salinas, Sabines had to agree their corruption with the Green Party and Chiapas remains a drag of Mexican modernity that is lagging behind in development. Something similar is seen in Puebla.

To the question that heads this reflection it is necessary to answer. El Yunque is the presidency of the republic and will take up the smile of the Lebanese, and other ready-Hispanic Cantabrian (OHL). You can only fight with the discourse of secularization and true-not liberalism that defends the market taking money from public spending; however, if the destruction of the soul it is feared, when they can least confront the theology of prosperity theology of liberation.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chile for mexicans

Chile for Mexicans
By Diego Velázquez

Michel Bachelet's visit to our country is pointedly to the Mexican case. Chile has been a role model in the political and economic experiences in Latin America. Its stabilizing capitalism, its consolidated democracy and austere state, have been examples of which took lesson in academia and little in practice.

Some years ago Carlos Castillo Peraza could be seen that in the political transition process of this nation, seemed to meet the stage for slow and prolonged Mexican transition could advance. The stage of agreements and pacts between the military dictatorship after exhausting antagonistic political groups stood out. Admission consensus, strangely, allowed political and economic reforms that have regularly organized problems.

Mexico set aside covenants. Chile is admired for its economic stability and development that has generated; however, there is something more meaningful than the immunity of numbers. The pact is allowing actors are radical conspirators, offers the chance of being included and, if not, at least respected. The left is integrated with the power elite in this country and is proof of this.

Arthur Lafontaine thinks that Chile is the model par excellence of modernity Conservative. Canutos and a traditionalist Catholics make up front while defending the family, globalization and consumption. Although inequality persists and advances a new wave of violence against human rights, the Chilean model brought benefits to most of its population. What was the secret of your formula?

Augusto Pinochet, soldier whose main attribute was betraying the political leader Salvador Allende and implement the massive disappearance of opponents did not admit legal judgment on his responsibility during the dictatorship; however, it was inevitable his presence in court of history where the verdict has already been given. Did you serve something? Perhaps. The military and the oligarchy of the country have to live with the unbearable truth.

Spain and Chile were positive prototypes of democratic transitions in the twentieth century. Elites managed to mature and compromise. They did not bury or forget their past, they learned to live with it and built forward serious. Opus Dei, Canutos, landowners, military and other theologians of prosperity hardly return to exterminate indigenous, university and peasants; what does it mean to live together peacefully. The health of the neoliberal model in the South American country depends on the strength that has the political system: a system of competitive parties, alternation, political intelligence, transparency and democratic practices. Virtues that the Motherland has begun to mislead.

Mexican elites aspire to modernity Conservative like Chile. But they have failed to mature and understand that the work begins with serious and formal agreements. Covenant does not mean Conspiracy. The agreements to plunder the country, protect the greed of banks and construction companies, celebrate the execrable behavior of party inner circles, obscure the management of public assets, with impunity assassinate opponents, etc., they are incomparable with the Chilean reconciliation or Spanish.

The experience of pacts in these countries not necessarily mean forgetfulness and forgiveness. Coexistence and tolerance of different political beliefs does not prevent terror, tragedy and sadness of the story. Roberto Bolanos, an extraordinary and unbearable Chile as Mistral or Neruda, is rescued by Javier Marias in this perspective the agreement. Who is reconciled with life becomes a hero. Who kills he is not seen as a loser or his opponent. Hero is the one who supports the existence and its past. If Mexico requires democracy, development and stability, it is because the time has come where the country demands heroes.

Mexico is not the Chilean context. The right has had considerable momentum but not enough to be considered a problem. They are most concerned about the order but lack conviction, consistency and honesty. The PRI, PAN and PVEM are mainly responsible for blackmailing party-in the country. The decomposition of the left seems limitless. Who and what could agree in Mexico? Democratic devolution started in 2012 reduces the possibilities of a career as Chile, but does not involve cancellation.
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Sunday, August 09, 2015

The commission of the consortium

The commissioner of the consortium
By Diego Velázquez

The last debate between the contenders for the leadership of the PAN, revealed the profound changes that have had the representative of the national conservative party. While our country needs a modern, liberal and honest right; however, the dialogue between Ricardo Anaya and  Javier Corral lets us see that we are light years to get it.

At least one hundred years have passed of an era that served Manuel Gomez Morin to reflect and had the courage to correct their past circumstances. The essay "1915" that he wrote in 1927 shows giant influence he had that peculiar year to build the intellectual heritage. 1915 was one of the most terrible moments of the Mexican Revolution, civil war, epidemics, violence and abuse wich configurate the Mexico Bronco in full force.

Severe and complicated towards the native of Batopilas convene a so-called generation of responsible men who through legitimate, brave and honest action they propose to reduce the pain and tragedy of the Mexican state situation. How little we have changed! Every day the misery of the country and its institutions questioned the authority of democracy.

1915 seems our constant and does not arise, anywhere, the generation whose attitude move souls. The project of Manuel Gomez Morin and Efrain Gonzalez Luna has been liquidated over time. The civilian party changed for a franchise that competes in practices with the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico. Timing and dispossession define leadership in National Action. Anaya just lacks its Patilú or Montana, as appropriate.

The debate showed the deep crisis in identity, legality, values ​​and militancy that exists in the PAN. Ricardo Anaya is proof of the inconsistency that haunts this political institute. Their praises to the turncoat, mass militancy, neoliberalism assimilate technocrats Harvard. But the amazing thing was that Anaya thinks Corral and Lopez Obrador are the same. Although their curriculum portraying him as a political scientist at UNAM, tell almost Corral is a Chairo Panista did talk like that mirreyes Cumbres Institute graduates or, at least, of those who listen to the great political scientist Fernanda Familiar. Anaya just forgot to say that social movements to take to the streets of Reforma in Mexico City, they must be exterminated to match your alter ego. Certainly jumps like when phenomena like the Narvarte occur.

Anaya evaded responding to the Consortium membership. The pointing of Corral is significant because it puts on the table the debate to the organization responsible for the PAN and Mexican debacle. The Consortium is the Orchestra, the Organization, the Yunque. That Catholic Mafia pact with anyone to keep their privileges. Not human, no ideas, no values, their god is money and so they understand so well with PRI and corruption.

Anaya permanence in the CEN of PAN make inevitable some things for that political institution. For example, the presidential candidate who as governor likes to have among its employees "wet dogs". The consortium already agreed and construction is underway of a Mexican religious state. Lately, secularism has been challenged and no authority penalizes such illegal action. What is not understood is the reason that all these fundamentalist demonstrations in favor of marriage and family, do not end up accepting contraception and abortion. If you think like Anaya and Calderon, to be consistent, should understand as it is easier to remove the activists, teachers, thinkers, academics, homosexuals, peasants and indigenous people from the uterus and avoid many repressions to promote their businesses and sponsors.

The Mexican right is overly tropical. Anaya allusion to the Costa Rican confessionalism allows you to see the Venezuelan, Colombian level but above all Haitian political views.

Modernity, in all its dimensions, remains the great slope of Mexico. Gomez Morin wrote 1915 to leave at that time, not to stay there forever and wants PRIAN.

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